Unimportant Multiple Kernel Ubuntu 10.04

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If you have multiple kernel installed in your Ubuntu 10.04 box and you don’t want to use the old one anymore, follow this simple stpes:

  1. Never ever edit grub configuration file and its referral.
  2. Go to Synaptics Package Manager.
  3. Go search for “linux-image-2“.
  4. In the list of search result, mark for removal the old kernel (it can be more than 1 kernel).
  5. Apply, restart your Ubuntu, done!

Hope it helpful 🙂


Firefox Default: “Work Offline” in Ubuntu

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This is short tutorial in how to set your Firefox “Work Online” in Ubuntu Desktop by default. Because in my Ubuntu box Firefox always start as “Work Offline” whenever I open/launch it.

  1. Open Firefox.
  2. Type about:config, enter.
  3. Search for toolkit.networkmanager.disable configuration value.
  4. Set the value to true by double-clicking it.
  5. Restart your Firefox.

Hope it useful. Happy browsing! 🙂